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With dedication and passion, we are specialists in the processing and distribution of natural casings and food delicacies of the highest quality. Our mission is to offer products that exceed expectations, ensuring authenticity in each product. Read our story to discover the journey of commitment to food processing.

The 70s

At the beginning of the 70s, Mr. Mancuso Isidoro began working at a butcher’s shop, he fell in love with this job, bringing innovations to the world of meat preparation, all of this led him to travel around Italy to deepen both methods and business knowledge .

The 80s

After this long experience, Mancuso Isidoro was founded in the 1980s in Alcamo, a town in the Province of Trapani. Mr. Mancuso Isidoro created a laboratory for the processing of natural casings of mutton, pork, ox and little by little with his consolidated knowledge of the ingredients, raw materials and production techniques in the food sector and in particular the delicatessen sector, he determined the need to create a highly specialized company.


Today the activity, in addition to the processing and distribution of natural casings, is focused on the selection of ingredients such as flavourings, spices, drugs, aromatic herbs and food additives and on professional consultancy relating to their use in the production of fresh, cooked and cured meat and in the various preparations connected to them.

This is also accompanied by the selection of supplies such as packaging accessories, breadings, batters, flours, sauces, creams, condiments, preserves, dried fruit, starters, but also machines for curing cured meats and anything else that allows enriching and customising. the professional execution of your recipes.

The company offers training courses for the production of preparations and counter designers, and is also known by customers for its seriousness, the continuity of quality of the goods always ready in the warehouse to satisfy all the requests of the sector and for the punctuality of deliveries.

Our team

Isidoro Mancuso - Direttore Generale

Isidoro Mancuso

General Management

Leonardo Mancuso - Responsabile Direzione Generale

Leonardo Mancuso

Head of General Management

Salvatore Eterno - Funzionario Commerciale

Salvatore Eterno

Commercial Officer

Marinella Viola - Addetta Amministrativa

Marinella Viola

Administrative Officer

Anna Maria Mancuso - Responsabile Confezionamento

Anna Maria Mancuso

Packaging Manager

Giuseppe Adragna - Addetto

Giuseppe Adragna


Mancuso Isidoro - Team
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