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The processing of the products stands out for the harmonious fusion between craftsmanship and precision. Every phase of our production process is imbued with craftsmanship and attention to detail right up to the distribution of our products.

step1 Qualità

Quality check

Through rigorous inspection, monitoring and testing processes, we ensure that each batch of casings meets the highest standards. Our specialists use advanced calibration systems to guarantee precision and uniformity of dimensions, ensuring that our casings meet the specific needs of each customer. Quality is at the center of every stage of the process, guaranteeing excellent products that meet the highest industry standards.

step2 Pettinatura


The hanks of guts are marked with rings of various colors that identify the caliber and subsequently resalted for the purposes of their conservation

step3 Riconfezionamento ed etichettatura

Repackaging and labeling

The casings are packaged in salt buckets and subsequently labeled with a label indicating the EEC packaging number, the batch for traceability, the packaging date, the expiry date, the number of skeins contained in the bucket and the relative caliber and the recipient.

step4 Trasporto


Distribution represents the crucial final phase in the marketing process of Mancuso Isidoro products. Through an efficient and well-structured distribution network, we ensure that our products reach customers in every corner of the country in a timely and safe manner.

Attention to logistics and supply management allows us to satisfy customer needs on time, ensuring that our products maintain the freshness and distinctive quality that sets us apart.

L’attenzione alla logistica e alla gestione degli approvvigionamenti ci consente di soddisfare le esigenze dei clienti con puntualità, assicurando che i nostri prodotti mantengano la freschezza e la qualità distintiva che ci contraddistingue.

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