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Natural and Collated Casings: A diverse selection of casings, including goat, pork, beef and collared variants. Each offers unique characteristics, carefully chosen to guarantee excellence and versatility in the production of high quality cured meats and sausages in the food industry.


Natural Sheep/Goat Casing

Natural sheep/goat casing is renowned for its strength, flexibility and resistance to high temperatures, making it the ideal choice for the food industry. It ensures perfect transpiration and maintains the organoleptic characteristics of the finished product.

Data sheet

Budello naturale di suino---prodotto

Natural Hog Casing

Natural Hog Casing is prized for its uniform texture, flexibility and ability to adapt to a variety of food products. With high resistance and reliability characteristics, it is the preferred solution in the food industry for the production of cured meats and sausages.


Budello naturale di bue--prodotto

Natural Bovine Casing

Thanks to its superior resistance and versatility, natural beef casing is the reliable choice for the food industry. Its robust consistency helps to preserve the quality of the sausage products, guaranteeing excellent results.


Budella collate-prodotto

Dried Tubed Casings

Obtained through the sizing process, sizing casings are characterized by uniformity, resistance and flexibility. Ideal for the production of cured meats and sausages, they ensure consistency and quality in the sausage making process.

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